Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back In Pohara... Again!

After a slow and lovely trip north up the east coast from Christchurch I arrived at Pohara... Finally there!
It was great to be back with my daughter and her family and catch up with them all and how they're doing. Fishing was on the agenda and walking the beach again and back on my bike... Well that
lasted five days then... I flew back to Christchurch to see and make sure my father was alright
after a very nasty fall... I just found out today there is a small write-up about a man at Woodcote Resthome... 'Firefighters To The Rescue'... In the Christchurch Star. I stayed with him for six days then
thought I could safely leave... Till next time!

So here I am back at my bus in the cafe car park... Enjoying the sun and green paddocks...
It's interesting living in a car park once the cafe is open... Cars and people come and fill it
up and stop and chat...

It's a very hit and miss affair doing a post on my iPad... But I'll get better... It takes such good photos.

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