Sunday, 9 November 2014

Did I Say Fishing At High Tide?

The high tide was perfect, the day was cool but sunny...  What
better to do than go fishing in this wide open Golden Bay... So
off I went... But the only catch of the day were multiple
Sand Sharks... Various sizes but mostly babies...
 The seagulls are welcome to them, they're not good eating... Or bait.

This is what they look like and they do grow quite big...
 The expert local fishermen round here... In other words
my grandson... Tells me if there are Sand Sharks around
you won't catch anything else after catching one of them...
Pack up and go home! So I did.

 Not that 'home'  was far away. Tarakohe used to be the port
for Golden Bay Cement. When they stopped operating they
sold the port that they had built to the Tasman District Council
for $1 for the use of the community. Well... The Council
are trying to take it over for commercial mussel farming
and ultimately profit... Of Course! So it's now divided into
two parts, on one side the local boat club who offers the
freedom parking and has one arm that has two launching boat ramps.
In this photo I'm standing at the end of this arm looking back to
where my bus and others are parked...On the left is the mussel wharf.

It's also a mooring place for boats, out of the tide and wind...
Around both sides of the commercial wharf. People live
 on their boats here... Paying rent to the council!

 The boat club side... Building on the right...

 It's a great spot...

Looking back across the tide to Pohara Beach...

And across to Farewell Spit...

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