Friday, 7 November 2014

Tarakohe... Golden Bay

I decided I needed a change from being parked in a cafe carpark... Nice as it has been... So I have driven about 3km round the road to Tarakohe. It's one of the few  freedom parking spots provided by the local boat club for a donation... So it's popular. There are hot showers for a $2 donation, washing machine and dryer $4 each and toilets... And of course the company and chat of others parked here and the busy activity on the wharf. It's a full moon so extra high and extra low tides and I'm told there are snapper about... So... Tomorrow high tide is 11am, a very civilised time for me to be out and about. These photos are where I am parked and all the fascinating rocks... And the view from my doorway.

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