Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Sales Table...

Feel like some Allsorts or some Licorice... All colours,
shapes, sizes and tastes. Assorted bags... Even some salt
licorice for my Dutch customers and hard licorice
for the German people and regular allsorts and
licorice together for New Zealander's.
Just come on by... Have coffee and cake at the cafe...

 And buy some goodies to take home or eat on your bike ride
or walking on the beach...

Music CD's and DVD's for the holiday evenings...

I started my sales table selling licorice as a bit of a laugh and some fun.
I had so many people stopping because of the name of my bus,
thinking I sold it... so why not?

It's happening wherever I am, one person approached me when
I was parked on the side of the road outside the  laundromat 
in Takaka... And went munching on his way a happy chappy.

Keep a look out... I could be anywhere...

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