Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Day's Chores...

After an undecided start to the day and a few showers the sun has come out and as there is hardly any wind it's a lovely warm day.
I've been foraging for firewood... Yes it's still cold enough to light my fire! There is a lot of lovely wood around but lots of it is washed up by the tide. I avoid burning salty wood so have been in the bushes and found lots of  big and small branches.

Here is today's stash of firewood and cones cut up with ny faithful little Silky Zubat and drying in the sun ready for tonight's fire... Or tomorrow.
I'm also slowly spring cleaning my bus... It's that time of the year! 
Do you have a collection that looks l ike this?

And when you want some cord or other you can never find the one that fits... So frustrating. So I am sorting and finding out what fits what and labeling them. Some I use daily others only occasionally like these...

I'm charging up my torch and underwater flounder light that only need topping up now and then...
So I'm feeling virtuous... But will leave them charging... On my big 2000watt inverter.
I've been watching my house battery bank while I've got it running... Not even a small dent in the charge... So my solar panels and batteries are  working as they should.
I think it's time for coffee out in the sun, watching the tide go out.

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