Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fresh Snow... In November!

 When I woke up early this morning, I knew it was cold...
I could feel it on my nose!
Beautifully sunny but only 1deg! A high for the day
of 14deg. My fire is going.
Am I expecting summer?  Gosh I hope so and that this
is the last cold snap.

 This was the view from my bus... Cold but quite spectacular...

This is looking behind the Takaka Hills... Up the Anatoki Valley
to the Dragons Teeth... The northern beginning of
the Southern Alps. Brrr...

This post is particularly for two of my (adult) children who
live in Taipei and Fort Lauderdale USA where the temperatures
today are 19deg and 23deg as they cool down from their
very hot summers. I often compare and
have a chuckle and sometimes am envious... But
at the same time although I don't like the cold I
do enjoy the changing seasons in New Zealand.

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