Friday, 1 January 2016

2016... Another New Year...

Today is the first day of another year - 2016...
Is it a day to celebrate, commiserate, set new goals, look back... Or forward...
This year I don't know... I'm feeling very uncertain about this new year, what it might bring, where I might go... What is going to happen. Of course none of us really know, we can make plans but I have discovered that I need to hold my plans very loosely, unplanned things come along, unexpected people.
It might be because I'm a bit tired today. I've been parked at Weedons in Christchurch for 10 days spending a lot of time with my father.  Last night a group of us went to the local Templeton RSA to dance away the evening. I seldom go to RSA's and just about never socially but I had a great time. There was a good band, a varied group of people all very friendly, a bar... The band started, powder was sprinkled on the floor - that took my memories back a lot of years - and people were up and off.  I had a wonderful night talking and dancing... I haven't danced for ages so it was a treat. Supper was served and midnight came round really fast... And it was time to go home... So my brain is not into making great resolutions or setting new goals... But I will!
I'm getting ready to move on - plan one! My rental car is being returned tomorrow and my bus and I are heading to the West Coast of the South Island. I'm meeting some long time friends in their bus and we are going exploring together... I can't wait, I wonder what will happen or who we will meet on our adventures.
So wherever you are, whatever you are doing I would like to wish you
                                                     'A Happy New Year'


  1. Happy New Year Angela. We hope that 2016 will be a safe and happy year for you, full of happy travels and new adventures.

    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  2. I drove past Weedons a few times as I was staying in Rolleston from 26 to 29 Dec, and spent a Day based in Templeton visiting family. The weather was good but oh so windy on one of the days! I'm still hoping to get a campervan of sorts but realistically it will be when I retire.Thank you for your posts, I do enjoy reading them. Ruth

  3. Hi Ruth I'm pleased that you enjoy my blog. Any time you know where I am and you are nearby please come calling and visit me . I would love to meet you.