Monday, 11 January 2016

Tiny Hidden Beaches...

After leaving Westport heading south I took a side road called Beach Road. I had no idea where it went but it seemed a good road to explore... And it was... It was narrow and wound around with no stopping places until I came to another side road down a hill that took me somewhere I could park, a little street with houses, a picnic area at the bottom, a beach and a walk. So off I went, walking is the only way to see places that are tucked away...

This is Giant Mermaids Hair swirling round in the waves... I didn't see the mermaids though!

It was a loop walk, not very long and no signage but my map tells me I'm parked at Joyce Bay and walked to Constance Bay and Doctor Bay. It's all very beautiful and such open, vast and unpopulated scenery. I'm loving the West Coast.


  1. Where are you now (27 Jan) and where will you be come 1 Feb?
    I am working in Hokitika for the week stsrting 1 Feb and would love to catch up.
    Cheers, Marilyn
    My blog is so you can see who I am.

    1. Hi Marilyn Unfortunately I am at Franz Josef and travelling south so can't meet up with you in Hokitika. Had a look at your blog, thanks.

  2. I am so pleased I stumbled across your blog. You have a wonderful way with words and your photos are great. We've joined up to follow your blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.