Sunday, 3 January 2016

Springs Junction to Reefton...

It's only 44km but in the rain it was a slow trip. Also it's very beautiful. Lush green beech forests, rushing bubbling brown streams and because of all the rain waterfalls gushing onto the road. It's a good sealed road but a bit narrow, up and down hill and windy. I seemed to be the only vehicle on the road so could take my time.

There was steady continual heavy rain all night so I woke up to even lower cloud and mist than last night.

A few km's on from Marble Hill to Springs Junction... It's been and still is raining here!

I'm now parked beside the Inangahua River in Reefton. I've just made coffee and going to walk through this interesting little town. It's still raining but not as much and the sky is brightening. 

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