Thursday, 12 July 2012

Angela's Skin Food... Dry Skin Body Cream...

I continue to make my own body cream...
Since first sharing the recipe with you I have fiddled round with it,
adjusted and changed some of the ingredients and how I make it to
see what makes a difference and what makes it better.
I have also found another web site and provider of organic
ingredients and recipes. Have a look here.
Reading recipes and other peoples comments on what they
 have, made helps me to assess and refine what I am doing.
It was tempting to buy some ingredients, and in time I may...
But for now I want to use what I have in my cupboards...

The problem with my first atempts...
The finished product tended to separate, more so in the
 warmer weather. So I have tried different oils to see if that
makes a difference... It does.. especially if it's a thicker consistency oil.
I read that essential oil is a preservative, so I now put more of that.

I also read about beating the two mixtures together and the temperature.
My conclusion is... The more you beat it while it is cooling
 the thicker it goes and the less is separates.
I have recently installed a 2000watt inverter.
This marvellous bit of technology turns the 12 volts from my batteries
 into 240volt so I can run electrical things up to 1700 watts through it.
So now I can use my hand held whizz stick.This has made a huge
difference to the consistency of the body cream.
Here is the recipe again..

¾ cup almond oil or oil of preference
(I have achieved the best results using Olive or Avocado oil)
1/3 cup coconut oil
2 oz grated beeswax (I have increased this)
2/3cup rosewater (or any herb tea)
1/3 cup Aloe vera gel
12+ drops rose oil (or any other)
2-4 Vit E capsules
Melt oils & beeswax - carefully so melted not over heated
Mix rosewater, aloe, oil & vit E together
Pour this into oil mixture while still hot
Beat till well blended & cool.
I beat for 2-3 minutes, leave a while and beat some more, several times, till cool & thick.
The more of the solid oils you put (Beeswax & Coconut Oil) the thicker and more like 'butter' the end result will be....

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