Sunday, 8 July 2012

Only Just Off Road Parking... In Kaitaia

From Ahipara, not far back to Kaitaia.
I came here to visit my friend Carolyn and see how she is getting on renovating the two flats she bought at a mortgagee auction... Brave thing to do when it's her first experience of home ownership.
Well they are looking fantastic.
The only thing for me is lack of flat hard parking... The grass is too wet.
But the problem was solved.
Next door is an empty section...
With a flat driveway...
Just long enough for me to park...
Off road!
I block the footpath but only 3 people have walked along here in two days...
And stopped to chat... So not a problem at all.

Up the steep drive to Carolyn's house where at the end of the day
we are presented with magnificient sunsets.
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