Monday, 2 July 2012

Kerikeri International Piano Competitions

I have been in Kerikeri for the last four days. 
Two months ago I booked to come to the piano comps held every two years.
Everything seemed against me getting here...
But I did.
I was out of the mechanics repair shop and poste haste to Kerikeri with four hours to spare!
Just had time to get my nails done - pure indulgence...
Get ready...
It was fun dressing up for a change.
This is where I am parked... In front of the Kerikeri RSA...
And right next door to the 'The Turner Centre' where the competitions were held...
So not far to walk to get there.

The first night there was a pre-concert reception and Chamber music trio in the upstairs foyer.

Then a concert by the adjudicator... Michail Solovei.
I like listening to the adjudicator play... It gives some idea of what they are looking for when they judge the competitors.
Michail is from the Ukraine, studied at the Gorky Conservatorium in Russia, has a PhD in  music, has given, and continues to give,  concerts and masterclasses all round the world.
Truly an international standard adjudicator.
He now teaches at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.
He played a Listz Sonata, a Chopin Ballade, Nocturne and Scherzo.
All beautifully executed with great passion.
The evening concluded with a reception to meet him and the 16 contestants.

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  1. Sounds wonderful to get dressed up for a change!