Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rarangi... Exploring The Coast From Picton...

 I have been in Picton a week or two but while I have 
been here I have gone off exploring round the coast
along the road from Waikawa to Rarangi.
I started at Rarangi and here I am parked at the
DoC camp...

 I was surprised at how popular it was... Apart from
buses and caravans there were vans and cars...

 All parked under the trees and being slept in.

 This is the DoC camp from the top of the hill.
It's an odd shape but because the shingley sand is
soft the areas for heavy vehicles have been
compacted so we don't get stuck.

 I went for a walk across the soft shingle...

 Through the beautiful wild sea coast weeds...
And up the steps of the path in the background of 
this photo that goes over to Monkey Bay.

 I got to the top... Slowly. It was all concrete steps,
but I couldn't get down the rough track going down
the other side. But it was a real achievement getting
that far. As  you can see it was cool and misty rain.

 Looking down on the rocks, the bull kelp thrashing
around in the rough tide.

 The view along the shingle beach to the hills and
the Wairau Bar which has developed from shingle
washed by the tides from the Awatere River...
All on an information board at the top of the track.

The view of Rarangi and Cloudy Bay from the
top of the hill the next day on the way over to 
Whites Beach... My next stop.


  1. Good to see you are climbing mountains again Angela. Keep it up.

  2. Angela, how nice it is to see a picture of you today along with the beautiful views you have posted. :-)