Friday, 28 February 2014

Whatamango Bay... Further Round The Port Underwood Road

 This was our next stop... With my friend from Christchurch
who had come to adventure in my bus with me for a while... 
Parked right beside the water.

 A nice grassy spot all to ourselves.

 This bay is in the Queen Charlotte Sound... A few
permanent and holiday homes at the head of
this little bay and more houses hidden in the bush.

 The weather improved... The sun came out. 
It was biss with nothing more to do than sit in 
the sun and watch the tide come and go.

 The water was very shallow so no boats but a few
kayaks from time to time. The chanel and deeper
water was out at the point in the right of this photo.

 A full moon gave some spectacular night skies...

 This is early morning before the sun came up.
Everything is still and quiet...

 By the time we were up... Coffee was made...
And breakfast was ready the water was at our feet...

Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, marmalade... Delicious!
 The reflections and currents...

 Whatamango is another DoC camp.
It's big with 50 sites and more open that Whites
Beach. Still pesky sandflies but not as bad.

 There were buses, motorhomes, vans and tents
tucked everywhere but it seemed like we had
the whole place to ourselves. It was
so delightful we stayed there five nights before
reluctantly moving on... Back to Picton.

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