Monday, 10 February 2014

Vinegar Hill... Putai Ngahere Domain

 After my long drive south I reached my destination
in the late afternoon. What a delightful place.
Here I am right by the Rangitikei River...
My table and chair waiting while I pour a glass of wine.

 From a distance... The huge white cliffs and towering
poplar trees... Very peaceful in the sun the river
noisily running over the stones.

 The tall cliffs and beautiful willows...
 The clear shingle river and white cliffs...
More like the big South Island rivers.

 The river was deep in places, beautiful for swimming
but not for me just yet as my leg is not strong enough.
There are trout in the river as a fisherman proved
by catching one just fifteen minutes after 
first casting his rod. That might be the
next sort of fishing I try!

 Tents all round the edge of the river...

 And plenty of room for more.

 At the top of the cliffs is a fence and this
gate... No idea what is on the other side
or what might fall over the edge.

 I spent three nights by the river... Enjoying the sun, reading, 
going for short walks and visiting the other Bedford's 
that were parked nearby. The morning I left
was a thick fog... Eerie and beautiful.

 Can hardly see the bridge over the river...

Everything is shrouded and mysterious...
Until the sun emerged.


  1. You liked the mobile lifestyle before your encounter with a rock in a hard place but now you appreciate it in a way that only someone who nearly lost it can understand.

    Cheers - C U