Monday, 17 February 2014

I Met Some More Old Bedfords...

 While I was parked at Vinegar Hill I met two old Bedfords...

This is Belisama... A 1981 Bedford VAS... 8.5 meters 
So named because Belisama in Celtic polytheisim is 
connected with lakes, rivers, fire, crafts and light. 

 And the caravan, which is Garry's workshop 
is attached behind.

It belongs to Joss & Garry
And Charlie Brown... Lying under the bus to keep cool

Joss and Garry are members of the Gypsy Fair... a group
of very talented people who make a variety of art and 
crafts and travel round New Zealand for eight
months of the year setting up stalls and the fair
in different places each weekend.  
Garry is a jeweller who works with Jade, Paua, Sterling
Silver, Bone and Mother of Pearl.
Joss is the business administrator... She also makes
4 strand plait cords... used to hang Garry's bone 
and jade carving necklaces on.
Garry is passionate about Jade or Greenstone...
As they travel he said he is educating New Zealand
about Greenstone... One town at a time.

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