Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another Bedford Called... Snow Goose

 The other Bedford I met was Snow Goose... A
1961 J4. Recently bought in Invercargill, it is the
5th Bedford Kaye has owned since 1974.

 A little vardo is towed behind...
This is Kaye and Chris... Two more members
of the Gypsy Fair.They are travellers who
love life on the road... Work hard and sell
their wares at the Fair. This is their 1st
season with the fair. Previously they spent
12 years selling their art in galleries.
As you can see Chris can only just... Or
not quite, stand up in their bus. They are
in the process of doing up the inside and plan
to pop the top to increase the head height.
Kaye loves retro and autumn colours and
you can see her influence in her clothes
and the developing decor in the bus.

Kaye paints... Folk Art
This is an order... But there's more like this.
Lovely art work for the garden...
Unique little labels...
For specific plants.
Chris makes creatures from New Zealand Harakeke 
Each one is a unique creation individually crafted
and no two are the same. They are inspired by
Chris's passion for New Zealand flora and fauna.
So far they have found their way to 22 countries
round the world.
Spiders... And lizards...
This octopus is gorgeous...

And little New Zealand Kiwis.
The Gypsy Fair is in Richmond, put of Nelson,
weekend of 22/23 February. I plan to be there.
On the web site it looks so unique and exciting.


  1. Angela, I enjoyed meeting Chris & Kaye here. What talented people they are. I hope at some point their artwork can be purchased online. I live in the US and would love to have one of the lizards Chris makes to give as a gift to my son in law. Maybe by next Christmas? Again...thank you so much for sharing your adventures.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your nice comments about our work - we don't sell through the website but if you email us through the contact page on the website we could talk about how we could help? Happy to post if we can find a way for payment etc. And love the writeup Angela! Great to see you again in Nelson. Sorry we were too busy to really talk. See you on the road!