Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Next Destination... Picton

 From my few days parked at Vinegar Hill it was only
a short drive to Wellington. I left early as I wasn't sure
how long it would take me or how often I would want to 
stop for coffee and how much traffic there would be... 
You know how it is! I was booked in the 1pm ferry to
Picton. I have been on the ferry many times but not
with a vehicle of this size.  but it turned out to be a
piece of cake - or if you're not familiar with that saying...
It was easy. Here I am parked in the queue...
I was also a bit anxious about my leg with stairs
and difficult places but that was all ok too... A lift, a cafe 
and comfortable seats made for a pleasant journey.

 Waiting to drive on board.

 Along with all the road-haul trailers...
 And trucks...

 And trains...

 All aboard the InterIslander Arahura and off we go...
I don't like the ferry, or rather rough seas, so I avoid 
the ferry and fly when I don't have a vehicle. But this 
time it was me and Licorice Allsorts. Luckily the
whole trip the sea was calm and still, we even saw 
some jumping dolphins... So I made it safely to
Picton to stay with friends there for a while...
And am having a wonderful time. 

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