Friday, 7 February 2014

 My next stop as I headed south was
A small DoC reserve

 It was deserted when I arrived  but
another bus joined me  later in the day.
             Here I am parked on the edge of the 
                  southern end of Lake Taupo

 It was a bit dry and dusty but a great
overnight stop. Plenty of space...

 Because, I found out from the local
people who visited... I shouldn't have been
parked there. The information in the
NZMCA travel book I have is incorrect.

Beautiful views of this large lake

All along the edge of the water was
an abundance of pumice. For those not
in New Zealand, pumice is a volcanic
rock that is thrown out of errupting volcano's.
It's smoothness denotes how old it is.
The pumice I picked up is totally smooth...
It's been buffeted for a long, long time.
Lake Taupo is the crater of a dormant
volcano that first errupted 26,500
years ago

An overview of the area...

Lots of room for buses, motor homes
and tents... It's a great base for
swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing,
walking and tramping. Also not far
from the hot pools at Turangi. 
This is the DoC  sign... Presumably the
correct information... Apart from spelling mistake...
For those thinking of parking here.

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