Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Whites Beach... Over The Hill On A Windy Road From Rarangi...

 This is the road into the Whites Beach DoC campground.

 The bush is lush and beautiful.
 Here I am. We  have chosen a spot in the sun
and out of the wind... Hopefully.

 The campground is a series of large and small
glades and areas tucked amongst the bush.

Unfortunately all are plagued by very pesky
hungry sandflies. It was damp and cool so 
we lit the fire and were soon snug. It had been 
quite cool and misty damp and cold winds the
last three days so although it is a beautiful area
it was not a must stay for a long time place... For us!

 The next day the sun came out but the cold wind
persisted. Not my idea of summer weather at all.
Coming from the warmer weather and humidity of
the Far North I was not impressed with my 
introduction to South Island beaches. I had a paddle
and nearly lost my toes through frostbite. 
A swim... No thanks!

 But the sky and sea were beautiful to look at.

 This is a picnic reserve... The path leads to the beach.

 And the surf club... That indicates it is a popular
swimming and surfing beach.

 It was very beautiful surrounded by steep bush
clad hills.

 This restored old cottage gives a glimpse into
the history of the area. The DoC Ranger lives in it
and he gave us a tour through it. All the old timber
walls and floors are amazing.

 It is also well signposted for the many walks
in the area with a detailed map and estimated
times. When I'm walking properly again and
in this area again some of those will be a must do.

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