Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Week In Auckland...

 I've been staying with my friend Janeen in Auckland.
This is her garden by day... Looking north...
She has a little conservatory to enjoy the view
and the birds, especially the Tui's who love her trees
and perch and sing their hearts out. Do you know
that Tui's are the first birds up and the last to bed
so their songs echo in the garden all day. This morning
there was a flock of Starlings poking around with their
beaks and feeding on worms out of the wet grass.
 The conservatory is also fantastic place to sit  with
a glass or two of wine and enjoy the sunsets.
Brilliant colours... To the north...

 Reaching round to the west behind the trees.
Down in the valley behind the trees is the zoo...
The evening roars of the lions add sound effects
to the sunset.

 The sky darkens and the colours fade...

So quickly... The evening spectacular ends.


  1. Lovely photos Angela. You seem to be having a great holiday.

  2. This looks like a lovely slice of heaven. I wish I could sit there for a spell and enjoy the view with you Angela!