Saturday, 27 September 2014

Operation Cover Up...

I met Chris a while back... We had dinner... And I learned
about Operation Cover Up.  Read about it... But be
prepared to cry and/or start knitting...

This is Chris's spare bedroom. When it is
time for all the knitted blankets to be sent
to be packed and shipped, her bedroom is
stacked floor to ceiling with all the multi
coloured blankets that so many people
in Rotorua have knitted.

Part of her garage is stacked with bags and boxes of wool and
second hand jumpers waiting to be unpicked to the wool
can be re-used and re-knitted into blankets.

This is a snug warm little jacket that has been lovingly
knitted for a cold child who has nothing.

Here are some figures... Of how many blankets and
garments have been sent to the children
 in the orphanages...

This is Liz Clarke of Taupo... Visiting children in Pluzhne Orphanage
in the Ukraine. Read more about Liz and the children...

During the past 10 years, Liz Clarke has overseen the delivery of 67,000 
knitted blankets to orphans in Eastern Europe, many knitted by 
Presbyterians. All from placing a newspaper advertisement that requested 
‘‘67 blankets for an orphanage in Moldavia where I sponsored 
an orphan through Mission Without Borders’’.
Liz had discovered that orphans living in temperatures as low as -30°C 
had little to keep them warm. “They had a thin cotton bed cover. 
I just cried thinking about it. Then I asked God what I could do. 
A wool blanket is more than warmth; it’s comfort, God’s covering and God’s love.”

Liz started Operation Cover Up under the umbrella of 'Mission

 In addition to the beautiful, many coloured blankets, all of the children 
were given hats, gloves, scarves, winter jackets, and boots.

For our photos we dressed up two of the classes and took them 
outside into the snow. The bright colours contrasted 
starkly with the pure white snow.

Want to get involved... Get knitting... Start a group...Or give money 
for the enormous cost of shipping? Read more details here

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