Monday, 22 September 2014

Dolly... My New Friend...

 This is Dolly. I found her abandoned in a basket in a shop in Auckland...
Lonely... Nameless... And looking very forlorn.
She was so soft and cuddly, how could I leave her there?
I carried her round the shop for a while to see if
we could get on together, named her Dolly and
of course had to take her home.

 She now lives with me in my bus... She likes
helping me drive...

 She's fallen in love with Ted...

 She loves reading... Or doing anything really...

And time out sitting on my cushions.
We haven't tried fishing together yet!


  1. Hello Dolly - goodness me, what long legs you have! Just a word of warning, mixed marriages don't often work out. Better just stay as "friends".

  2. Hi Angela. Just put my bus in for a full solar system and house electrics. Next big job is the shower/WC.. I was just wondering how you were getting on with the Airhead composting unit you had fitted and does it meet the requirements for Self Containment Certificate


    1. Hi Duncan. I wouldn't change my Airhead for any other sort of toilet. I don't know about the self containment aspect but I can't see how it wouldn't meet requirements. My liquids tank lasts me 3-4 days and the composting solids tank 6-9 weeks. I have fine tuned a few things, in particular a small wedge underneath the back to help fluids flow into the right tank as it's important to keep liquids and solids separate. I have changed the dry material I put in the solids tank so that it's more absorbent. And the big plus - it doesn't use any water.

  3. Hi thanks for that info. Just in Cyprus at the moment then back to Dubai until November. Pick my bus up first week November then the adventure begins