Friday, 5 September 2014

Russell... Time To Leave...

 It was a wild day... I had lain awake the night before
listening to the wind and rain. I was booked on the bus
from Paihia to Auckland. When the weather is too rough
the  ferries between Russell and Paihia are cancelled.
If that happened I would be going nowhere!

 But despite the weather the brave little ferries made it across
this strip of churned up water and didn't sink
under the pelting rain.
The ferry skipper was marvellous... "Hop on Board I'll look after
your bag"... And hopped off as the ferry rocked violently
leaving a chasm between the deck and the wharf!

 I took these photos from Paihia after I had arrived there as the 
next ferry arrived. I dashed out in the rain and cick, click, clink...
It was so spectacular.

At the end of the wharf is the Pier Cafe. I dived in there
out of the wind and rain. I had 45 minutes to wait for my bus
so coffee and a late breakfast was the perfect thing...
Then on my way to Auckland...

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