Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I'm Back In Christchurch... In My Bus Again!

After a month away in The Far North and Auckland
 it was lovely to be 'home' again in my bus. It was
fantastic seeing friends and doing different things
and going different places... But I did miss 'home'.
First thing I did was light my fire!
It takes me some days to unpack and put things
away and settle in and stock up my fridge again.
I had left my bus parked at a friends farm. I was
worried about mice and rats so had 3 traps set inside
and a well stocked bait station outside but no
rodents showed their face thank goodness.

I spent a week parked at my Dad's again...
On the side of the road... Again!  

Then moved to Weedons NZMCA Park... Again! 
It's lovely to be surrounded by open space and distance. 
The only thing that's not lovely about being back in 
Christchurch is the cold, but then that's an excuse to light my fire.
My first day back at Weedons it rained and rained
and was cold. I put all my wet weather gear on and
got the bus at the gate and met a friend at
the Botanical gardens for coffee. It was pre-arranged
or the weather might have put me off. It was
actually really nice splashing in the rain and spring
has sprung in the gardens and all the beautiful old
Camellia trees are in full bloom.

 The next day started with a misty/foggy morning...

 The view from my bus...

 But the sun was coming... And I got out my deck chair and
spent the whole day sitting in the sun reading.

A few things have happened since I was last here...
A new paling fence has been erected... Part of the resource
consent as the lady who owns the farm behind the NZMCA
Park doesn't like caravans and motor homes and doesn't
want to look at them as she drives past to her place!
But makes a good wind break and shelter.

Some posts have been put in the ground to separate the long
term storage parking area. I don't think it's finished... I'm told there
are more to be put in and there is a big coil of fencing wire on
the ground... Talk is of gates at each end with a code - for 
security I guess... Wait and see!

 On this side of the park is another paddock, not fenced off,
and the pine trees in the distance seemed a likely source
of firewood... And they were...

 The pine cones and wood cut up by my sharp saw and blunt
axe filled up my firewood bucket. I have put 'get my axe sharpened'
on my 'to do' list!

This was the view out my window this morning... Fresh snow
shining and glistening in the early morning sun.

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