Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Boots... For Her and Me...

 We both needed new boots. Licorice Allsorts
has had the same boots for forty-three years.
Now that's a long time for boots to last so I
couldn't begrudge her some new ones.
This is the old boot round the gear stick... A
very sorry state of affairs... Held together
with a paper clip to try and keep out the draught
when driving... Cracked, sagging... What more
can I say!

 This is even worse... A blue chux cloth
held on with rubber bands... Underneath is
the old boot more holes that anything else
as the rats took a fancy to it and saw it as
a tunneling project into the bus where
they might find?  Well who knows!
So the day had come, an auto upholsterer recommended
and an a booking made... For new boots.

 Here is the new boot round the gear stick... Specially
designed in black leather to suit the situation and
occasion and allow for plenty of movement...

 Done up round the top with state of the art Velcro.
Beautifully stitched... Screwed in for another
forty years service.

 And here's the new boot round the brake...
Again black leather and superbly stitched...

 The top detail... Hemmed with a cord and toggle
to allow for movement up and down.

 And here's the dressed up pair... Ready for the road...
Many more miles and many years of adventures...

And this is where we got the new boots. I highly recommend them
if you need new boots or any upholstery recovered or
squabs made or seats fixed. The head rest on my passenger seat was
falling apart... After the boots were made and fitted
an offer was made to fix the head rest... A five minute
job Daniel, the amazing designer and maker of boots said,
and it was done... The charges very reasonable.

Next were boots for me. My boots were only four months
old... Not forty or even four years! I wear through a pair
of boots every winter. I must say it's nice choosing
new boots but I'm beginning to wonder what I do to them...
Apart from walking of course and wearing them every day.
Four months... that's hardly any time at all. I wondered
why I kept getting one wet foot and found the sole
on the boots I bought at the end of April had cracked right
through. They weren't cheap but these new ones were...
I wanted to try out a Doc Marten style but didn't want to
pay the price so found these at the Hornby Shoe Outlet...
Not only outlet prices but also on sale. A great place
if you are passing by.

So off we go... I think Licorice Allsorts boots
will last a lot longer than mine...

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