Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Last Day... A Walk Along Muriwai Beach

It was my last day in Auckland... Where had the time gone?
I had walked round the suburb where I was staying, visited my
favourite shops from my last visit there. Found some new
cafes with absolutely delicious food, there are so many they have
to be above the ordinary to survive the competition!
Explored Ponsonby Road again...
I went to the Auckland City Art Gallery... And my last day came .
Janeen and I set off towards West Auckland to go shopping
but the day was far too warm and sunny...

So we changed our plans and came here... Muriwai Beach
Hard black sand and surf on the west coast

Motutara Island off the end of the mainland...

On these rocky ledges is a gannet colony... With the gannets
wheeling and diving for fish. About 1200 pairs of gannets nest
here between August and March each year. There
is a short walking track to a viewing platform just above the
main colony area.

The colours and cloud formations were stunning...

The clouds reflected in the wet sand...

Me... Paddling with my boots on!

Janeen sitting on a huge washed up log as we ate our apples.

And suddenly a huge black cloud appeared and thick rain
in the distance... We raced back along the beach to the car.
We just made it... and headed off for lunch at...

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