Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Week In Russell... Bay of Islands

I spent a week in Russell with friends.
I love being there, although the weather was cool
and still winter. It's a small place so long walks
filled up lots of my days. In these photos...
I walked over the small hill to Long Beach.
It's always so beautiful there regardless of the weather.
Walking down the hill and the first glimpse...
And the last as I leave!

It was a beautiful warm sunny day... The tide's out
so lots of sand to walk on.

Some kayaker's and lots of seaweed washed up by the
recent storms and wind.

Looking out to more of the 144 islands that make up this
Bay of Islands area.

I walked right round to the far end. Tradition has it
 that the rocks at the far end must be touched... 
Then you can say you have walked to the end of Long Beach!

All the rocks that are exposed at low tide. There are
mussels on some of them  but quite small still.
I left them there to grow bigger.

I'm at the end, touched the rock...
Then sat in the sun and read my book and had a nap...
Before walking back.

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