Sunday, 10 June 2012

I Met Another Old School Bus...

This bus is a Bedford 1977 J3.
It was a school bus on the Hukerenui run (North of Whangarei) until 2006.
It met, nose on, with an accident, was written of by the insurance company and is now owned by Rex Steadman & Zelda Pepa.
Rex is a panel beater and over the last five years has dedicated lots of hours, hard work and love into making this bus a home on wheels.
They do not live in it full time...
But that's the plan.
It hasn't been officially named but is known as 'The Bus.'
I love looking at what other people have done and there are infinite variations as we all want something different.

I envy Rex and his ability with steel and aluminium.
He has built a new little kitchen...
Because the motor is outside he has accommodated three comfortable swivelling seats in a very small area and a  little table that folds down when travelling.
He has left the original big window in the back, took out the emergency door and added new opening windows on each side shaped to suit the style of the bus.
I love all the light and sun this lets in.
In my bus all original rear windows and door were taken out and only a small window at the back put in.
The bed sits on a steel frame and aluminium door security screening - for ventilation. At the moment when lifted up it is held up by a broom handle but the plan is to put gas struts.
This makes it so easy to access all the storage space under the bed.
The rear windows and bed lifting up on struts are definitely on my wish list.

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