Friday, 15 June 2012

Inside My Bedford...

Slowly it's beginning to look like me...
Spring flowers... In candle sticks as vases!
I love flowers.

The corner of my kitchen...
Four very functional hobbs, a full size oven underneath which I don't use much. If I was installing one myself I would have a half size oven or a bench top...

My bits and pieces that I use all the time sit on the little shelf...
I mix Himalayan salt with kelp... So that's in the jar.
I have just bought a new pepper grinder... It was expensive but a lifetime warranty... So I'll leave it to somebody in my will!
The absolutely essential roll of paper towel, I use lots of them for wiping and cleaning... They save water.
The black bottle I bought home from Sydney. It's actually a boutique beer bottle. I keep olive oil in it... Yes organnic of course!
My 'absolutely must have' coffee  espresso. I  brew it up every mid-morning. I'm really fussy about coffee, it has to be just right... For me. I buy certified organic to avoid the 16 chemicals used in coffee processing.
My little 2 cup tea pot... This I found in The Warehouse... And my tea caddy with lovely Japanese figures on it for my loose leaf green tea... A friend gave it to me recently... It's old but I love it. And the ever important gas lighter. I'm looking for a new whistling kettle. This one was cheap, can't remember where I bought it but the handle falls over... As you can see, gets hot and burns my hands. Something 1970's retro would be nice

I have six of these plastic 10L water bottles but until I have more space... When the cargo box is finished... I only carry two. When a water tap  is available wherever I might be parked I fill them up, it saves draining my big water tank when filling with a hose is not an option. This system works very well, I can carry them full and lift to pour out the water... My arm muscles are getting stronger in the process!

And... of course a kitchen rubbish tin... These are are two stainless stock pots... They serve several purposes, firstly a rubbish container... or for heating water for an outside shower... Or for putting outside when it rains to catch water. This is very important in more isolated places where no water is available except the 210 litres I carry in my big tank.

I have been looking for decorating ideas. I want them to be the varied colours of sea and sand. Well the upholstery is the sand so the bits and pieces will be the sea.

I found this mat at the Trade Aid shop in Whangarei. It is perfect to build other things around.

I friend gave me the beautiful blue frame. I need to find a picture for it or take a photo. I think it's gorgeous... Both the friend and the frame!

And I found the big shell at Uretiti.

My latest find was the tall candle holders.
They are really for outside but I will cut them a bit shorter and stand them in an old 'crock' that I have, and put sand in the bottom.
It used to be my grandmother's, she preserved eggs in it... Do you remember those 'old days'?
I'll put tea light candles in them and slowly find some interesting tall sticks to make a collection...

So it's slowly happening.

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