Sunday, 17 June 2012

Invited... Out For Dinner

I had been away for a couple of days getting the outside work done on my bus.
I went back to the Whangarei Town Basin car park to spend the night, it was just getting dark.
My friends Brian and Marge were there. Brian very kindly came out into the cold evening and directed while I backed into my favourite car park then invited me for a drink.
That was lovely as their 10 meter 1982 Izuzu Journey bus was much warmer than mine.
I had spent the previous two days with my door open and no heater going while craftsman Glen worked away on my bus.
So I was half frozen and drinks in a warm bus was very enticing.
The smells of dinner cooking made me hungry and thinking about what impromptu meal I might make myself did not conjure up great gourmet delights.
Well...  Brian and Marge invited me to stay for dinner...
Roast pork, potatoes, pumpkin, beans, cauliflower with apple sauce, crackling and gravy...
Five star plus...
So in case you think people living in buses on the road are deprived in any way or missing out, or living cheaply...
Think again.
I was beautifully wined and dined in comfort and warmth with good conversation thrown into the mix as well.
What more could I want... Thank you Brian and Marge.

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