Saturday, 23 June 2012

Friends... And Neighbours...

In the Whangarei Town Basin.
This is where I park when I am in town.
It's a council car park and very hospitable to the motor homes and buses that park here.
Some just stay over night on their way to somewhere else...
Others stay a few nights or a week or more and come and go...
To do repairs, go shopping or hospital appointments..
With the people who linger a little longer a real camaraderie develops
and as people come and people go the dynamic changes.
In the top photo you can see me parked at the end...
It's my favourite place... By the grass.
It's 'the' sought after spot, so it's first in first served.
My friends I play RummyKub with are parked next door...
They are semi retired and spend a lot of time caring for one of their grandsons who had a stroke at age four.
Their bus is both their home and their escape.
The big double decker blue bus belongs to Jimi...
He sings and busks for a living.
On the right hand side of the second picture,
tucked in the corner is John...
His home is 'The Diggs'. He is retired and travels around wherever the mood takes him.
Then there's Harvey, with the bike on front...
He works part time in Kerikeri.
He teaches computer skills so is a real handy person to have park next door!
Marge and Brian in their bus bus  'Kiwi Style'.
Marge has been in hospital since I had dinner with them.
I was very pleased to hear this morning that she is home again.
Then there's Peter in his caravan that he lives in.
The morning I left he was off to Auckland...
And me? I've come back to Uretiti for the weekend.

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