Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Breakdowns... And Towing... More New Experiences!

The second tow truck that arrived to give me a 'lift' to town.
The Automobile Assn organised it under my membership with them.
They didn't listen to me or look at my membership details...
So sent a truck big enough to transport a small van!
Second time round it was big enough.

The ramps are down, the front truck wheels are lifted on blocks... To give a better incline.
I am driving my bus but soon hit problems... the incline...
I was too low at the back!

Adjustments were made... Clever these tow truck men.
The incline was changed, we changed drivers... Leave it to the experts...
After I had checked who was responsible for any damage done!
A winch was attached and my lovely home was wound aboard.
My bus is 2.5 meters wide...
The tray of the truck was 2.8 meters...
So no room for errors!

Finally on...
Out came the chains and it was secured from each wheel and axle.
The bottom of the ramp folded up so make a secure back end.

All aboard... Ready for the road.
I'm in the truck cab... And off we go...

This problem all started when I left Whangarei, Wednesday last week and went 30km south to the Auto Electrician I had used before to sort out my batteries.
He was to install a reversing camera and 2000watt inverter.
On the way the motor started over heating, the temperature guage was was up really high.
I drove very slowly without too much acceleration... But that is a little difficult on windy hilly roads.
By the time I got there it was steaming and hissing.
When everything cooled down I investigated the radiator - nearly empty...
Oh dear a leak somewhere.
At the end of the day I went to the nearby Uretiti DoC Camp for the night.
I stayed there for the weekend and a tow and motel accommodation was organised for Monday...


  1. It's called Baptism by fire... but you'll get through it.
    A little burned in the vicinity of your credit card, that may get a little singed but you'll get through it...
    It's an adventure, only one that you didn't purposefully book tickets for...

  2. Good luck young Angie, had the same problem with a camper I bought in the UK. The world is not ending!