Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My First House-Bus Dinner Party...

It was my friend's birthday a few days ago... We often park our Bedford house buses together.
So I invited him to share his birthday with me and offered to feed him some birthday 'treats'.
Mid morning was coffee and croissants - doubling as the birthday cake... A candle for each decade!

Lunch... Was a platter of this and that...
I knew,  as a boy he loved little saveloys,
 in New Zealand called 'Cheerios'.
So I surprised him with some... He thought that was so funny...

But ate them all and refrained from complaining
of stomach ache all afternoon!

For dinner I cooked home-made Kentucky Fried Chicken
with Scallopped Potatoes
and steamed fresh new season Asparagus.
All the recipies are below...

We ate and drank and had pressies...

And then dessert - In my recipe book called Parfait
but you might know it as Ambrosia.
I made it with berry yoghurt, frozen berries, gingernuts and marshmallows.
I did serve it in red wine glasses... Divine!
He asked when he could have another birhday... But not for another year.
I have made the dessert again... But it too is all gone.

Chicken pieces - fresh or frozen - as many as you need
Combine: 2 tabs flour, 1 large teasp gr ginger, paprika, curry, mixed spice.
Salt & pepper as liked. Can double or treble if needed.
If you love other spices - use those
Put all in plastic bag add chicken and shake around till all coated.
Place in roasting dish, cook till tender & crisp (no more than 40 mins)

Slice nice potatoes about 1cm thick (I don't peel them)
Par boil till cooked but still firm.
Drain and layer into a casserole or flatish baking dish
with lots of chopped garlic.
Just cover with cream. Cover and bake slowly

500gr good quality fruity yoghurt (for those in NZ I used Cyclops or Puhoi)
Can add 1/2 or 1 cup whipped cream
2 cups frozen or fresh berries (I used frozen, makes it lovely & cold)
1/2 pkt gingernut biscuits broken into chunky pieces
1/2 pkt small marshmallows (or large ones cut  up)
Carefully stir together. Keep chilled.
Serve in little dishes or lovely glasses.
Vary the yoghurt favour with fruit available -
Fresh Strawberries or dried apricots soaked overnight... anything!

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