Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Red Letter Day...

Yesterday was the benchmark day I have been waiting for.
My staples and stitches came out... After the surgeon
had inspected everything and was happy with my healing.

 First the staples with this natty little
staple remover...

I  haven't counted how many!
Then the stitches...

Then all new dressings. This stuff is called
DuoDerm... My son who is a sports road cyclist
told me about it... The hospital has it... So now,
so do I! Read the links... It sounds like amazing stuff.

This is the same stuff but with an absorbent dressing.

More DuoDerm and little dressings...
A bandage ony over my shin wound...
The brace adjusted to 90 deg...

What a major difference. My leg is beginning
to emerge again... And I'm planning
my discharge!
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