Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Update... I'm Healing and Getting Better

This is 'Me' today... A vast improvement over
the eight days since surgery. I'm hopping around
and practicing on my crutches... This morning the
Orthopedic Consultant  told me medically I can go home
but I need to be stable on crutches and have all the
ACC help in place. I want to go home to my bus...
So first I need to be able to get into it!

Yesterday I received these most beautiful flowers from all the
wonderful people at the Motorhome forum... A box of
licorice allsort flowers. Thank you so much.

This is me each morning... Bagged up and ready for a shower.
The catheter has gone and the lure in my hand.
(If you are squeamish don't look any further)

After my shower all the bandages and dressings
get changed. The nurse doing it today is Isobel.
She has been a nursing lecturer and is very good.

They all get cut off and saline helps...

I couldn't resist this comparison...
At least I have one thin leg.

The wounds are definitely healing... All these
staples and possibly the stitches come out on Friday.

Although this still looks dreadful it is definitely 
healing.  It is a lot dryer and the medical term,
I think, is granulating which means
healing. I'm told the skin will grow from
the outside and the wound will gradually
get smaller.  I'm busy researching 20+ UMF
Manuka Honey and Comfrey for healing...
As well as lots of vitamin C of course.
I want to end up with as few scars as possible

You can see that the wounds are healing...

I'm really pleased with my progress.

All trussed up again and ready for the day.
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  1. Great news - now just keep on keeping on!!

  2. Thanks for the update - its nice to hear good news.
    Your good health and fitness certainly helps the healing process and your healthy state of mind and attitude the recovery.
    There will be hurdles to overcome thats for sure but one step at a time and you will get there OK.
    Cheers for now.

  3. Definitely looking better. We can recommend Vitamin E cream - great for lessening the scar tissue. Hope you can get back to your own bed in the bus as soon as possible. That's a great incentive to master those crutches eh? Kia kaha.
    Thyme Travellers

  4. just caught up with your news Angela - have sent you a text....glad you are looking forward to going home soon!
    Trev and Elspeth