Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Leaving Hospital

Tomorrow I am leaving  hospital. I have been
here two weeks and now definitely have cabin fever.
I am so looking forward to being outside and in
the sun and on the grass again.
My leg has healed considerably although can't
weight bear for another month. The hospital
has been wonderful, the surgeons and nurses
A1. Will need visits from the the district nurse...
All the ACC help is in place... Equipment
including a self propelled wheel chair so people
can take me out and I can take myself outside
when I don't feel like crutches... And personal
help, transport to hospital and physio appointments.
I have been practicing on my crutches, up and down
steps today. I'm alright going down but a bit more
practice needed going up. I have new exercises for
my leg to strengthen the muscles... So it's all good.
My bus, crutches and I are going to stay with a friend
in Rotorua... The bus parked on the wide berm and
me in the house. So that will be my home for 3-4
months until I can walk and drive again.
I have had wonderful visitors and met new people,
lots of messages and comments through my blog,
the Motor Home Forum and Facebook.
Thank you all.
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  1. Hi Angela - hope you have received our text! glad you are better and going home. looking forward to catching up again sometime for a cuppa.. :)

  2. A good step forward ( excuse the Pun )
    Christmas on Crutches , not much fun
    but certainly better than not having one.

    Relax and enjoy - Cheers from us.