Thursday, 5 December 2013

Thank You... To My Three Children...

This afternoon a big box arrived... Addressed to me.
I needed help to open it but this is what was inside.

A beautiful gift box of goodies... Fruit, the latest
Mindfood magazine, some cookies, some
chocolates, a bottle of something in the
middle and a bag of beautiful toiletries.
 I'm reluctant to open it... It's too beautiful
to look at, but I will in the morning. There
is a big fat peach in it that I am going to
eat for breakfast... Yum.

I was overwhelmed... Who had sent me this.
I found the card... 'Dear Mum... ... ... From Penny,
Courtney, Cam and Jo'. Made me cry!
This post is specially for them... Thank You XXXX

Penny and Courtney are in The Bahamas,  Cam in Taipei
and Jo in Golden Bay, New Zealand.
One of them has organised this. These
pictures are so they can see what they sent me.

And more good news... A visit from the Orthapaedic
Consultant tonight. Stitches and staples out tomorrow,
the leg brace will be set to 90deg so I can bend my leg more.
No weight bearing for six weeks... That has been halved.
And as soon as all help is in place for going home, then
I can leave... Maybe Tuesday next week. Hurray...
Two weeks since I came in here... A long time.

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  1. How absolutely fantastic...........thank God for family.......they are very precious.
    Hope stitches come out with ease tomorrow.
    Love M xx

  2. A lovely surprise from your children and good news from the surgeon. A great day...

  3. Wow Angela! What a treasure chest. Maybe you can spin it out for the rest of your hospital stay by rationing your pilfering of it ;-)
    Great to hear that your sentence has been commuted. Good to see your march back towards normality continuing apace with the removal of the staples and stiches and the resetting of the brace. Very best wishes.