Friday, 13 December 2013

The Bird Has Flown...

From here...

To here... What a lovely change.

And the beautiful garden I am enjoying sitting  in.

I am now at my friend Kathleen's home in Rotorua. She was very caring
and invited me here to spend several weeks recuperating and healing
until I can walk again and drive my bus. I am very blessed.

My life has been very busy... Flying the hospital nest and settling into
a house. I have showering help every morning which is wonderful
and today have had a visit from the Salvation  Army co-ordinator to
do all the paperwork required for my home help, then the District
Nurse... Another opportunity to have a close look at all my
wounds and how they are healing. The are all doing  very
well, all  have individual dressings on them and a
compression stocking over them all... No bandages of any sort,
so I feel I am gradually emerging into freedom again...
Another four weeks of non-weight bearing on my leg though...
But time passes... And I'm getting more agile on my crutches.

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  1. What bad luck pleased you are up and about, we hope it's not too long before your fully mobile again. Bryan & Clare Martin [ Truant ]