Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thank You...

A huge thank you to everybody who has read my blog and looked at
it on Facebook. It is so wonderful to have heard from you all...
My three children, one in Taiwan,  one in The Bahamas and
one in the South Island... They have all phoned and messaged.
My Dad in Christchurch... Aged 95... phones every day... 
He's fitter than me now!
My Australian family... grandson Gabe, granddaughter Jasmine and
in-laws Sheree & Amber... It's wonderful to hear from you.
Close friends phone several times a day.
Thank you to all my blog readers and motor home mates... I really
appreciate you taking the time to message and comment.
Thank you Beecee for your thoughts re emergency drivers and finding
a PoP where the people might help me manage for a while...
It all helps to make life look rosier... And envelopes me in
 a lovely extended family.

Progress is good... The hospital care is A1... The hotel standard...
The food! Well I'm losing weight... And I haven't got any chocolate!
Today it's noticeable that the swelling on my leg is going down...
I have been out of bed three times... Soon I will have arm muscles
like a weight lifter.

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  1. Here I am Angela- joining you on your travels- i love what i have read so far!