Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas...


Wishing you a happy Christmas day wherever you are
and whatever you are doing...
These pictures portray Christmas in
New Zealand for me... The sun... The sea... Writing in the sand
and the magnificent Pohutukawa tree in flower.
I am not at the beach this year but I will be next year...
When I am mobile and driving again.
This Christmas I am with my friends in Rotorua.
A special Merry Christmas to all my family...
In New Zealand... In Australia... In Taiwan... And
in The Bahamas... All celebrating Christmas in different ways.
To all my family and friends, many thanks for looking
after me, phone calls, emails, txt's, Facebook messages.
To all the people on the Motorhome Forum... Thank you,
I look forward to meeting many of you on the road...
To all my blog readers... Have a wonderful
festive season... Be happy... And let me tell you from
1st hand experience over the last month... There are always
many things to be thankful for.

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