Sunday, 3 August 2014

Amberley Beach...

 Amberley is about 50km north of Christchurch on the east coast.
The road to the beach is a straight road 5km east from SH1.
It ends at a car park on the beach or... Turn right...

 Along South Street... and there is the camping ground.
It is in two parts... This is the 'South' end.

 It's flat and open... Basic... Power if you want it... Toilets
and cold water... Also dogs allowed at this end.

 It was just on dark when I arrived so I parked 
but moved the next morning to the dog free
'North' end where there are also toilets and
water and a play ground.
 Past the south end of the camping ground is an oval...
Houses around both sides and at the end through the
pine trees a track...
 Suitable for 4 x 4 wheel drive only...

 That goes out to the beach... Stony and rough.

 This is at the north end... Turn left at the end of the road...

 There is a walk way through the trees. There have been very
strong winds and storms and many of the trees have
blown down or snapped and been cut down. There
are piles of pine branches and pine cones... Enough to
last the community for years.

 There are some short streets...

 A mixture of old and new well maintained houses...

 But all roads lead to here... the road that goes to the golf course.

 On a sunny day the beach can look alright but it's not a
swimming  beach and I didn't see anybody fishing...
Looking south back to Christchurch...

 And north towards Kaikoura. The stones are soft and very
hard to walk on... Although the sun was out it
was very cold and not a place to loiter...

Amberley was interesting to go and look at. I haven't been 
there for probably 55 years and didn't remember it at all.
It's quite a scruffy beach and, for me, not a
destination but a good stop over for the night.

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