Friday, 1 August 2014

My Dad... 96 Today...

 Well another year has gone by and it's another birthday...
And another bottle of whisky!  Dad is 96 today.
He has recently moved from independent living in a villa
into the rest home... It's 5 star ***** accommodation
and he is looking better than he has in recent months.

 This is the banner on  his door... He lives at Woodcote. a
Ryman Village in Christchurch. He is looked after so well.
A great fuss was made today and when I arrived at
4pm (whisky time!)  some of his mates had beaten me
too it and he was surrounded by cards and gifts and more
chocolate than he will eat in a month.
He didn't want to go out anywhere so my cousin and her
husband came for dinner... Fish & chips, whisky and
red wine in his room!

 Here he is with Cath... She has popped in to have a chat and a
laugh. She asked him if he's going to make it to 100...
Well of course said Dad... According to Cath he better
behave himself because she will still be working there then!

 Dad is fortunate enough to have a double room... So his bed and
chest of drawers at one end... The bathroom door in the middle...
And his big lazy boy recliner and walker and clock and
TV and whisky cupboard at the other end

 I made him a photo board... Mum and Dad
in the middle and all the family...

His notice board on his wardrobe door with
the menu, the activities, an advertisement
for the weekly market and his calendar...
That's got his  pay days on it so most important!

I'm so pleased for him. After all the indecision then
hard work of moving him and downsizing... He
has settled in and is happy and in the best
of health.
Many Happy Returns to my Dad. XXX


  1. Congratulations to your dad on his 96th birthday, and a life so very well lived. It's obvious from the photos you posted that he is quite content and happy to be surrounded by such loving people and family.