Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Brunch at Amberley... Mmmm

 When I left Amberley Beach I stopped in the little
town... The main street looking north...

 And south... Nobody around...

 And plenty of room to park...

 Over the road from Nor-Wester Cafe...

 I have read quite a lot about this cafe in local magazines
and papers. It has recently changed ownership
and been taken over by a couple with a very successful 
cafe in Christchurch suburbs... So I thought I would try it.

 Much to my surprise it was totally empty...

 I should have known better than to stay there...
But I did!

This was my breakfast... It looks very nice but tasted quite
ordinary... The waffles were soft, the bacon ok. The menu said
bananas but I don't like bananas so was told there was
nothing else, but it came with berries. The coffee was good.
While I was there several people came in for 'coffee to go'...
Two men and the chef sat at a nearby table and
drank coffee. Their conversation was very undesirable.
I would not recommend this cafe and won't be going
there again... Pukeko Junction not far down the
road is much  nicer, warmer and much better food and service.

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