Thursday, 7 August 2014

Worth A Stop...

 After leaving Amberley this was my next stop. I had driven
past it several times before but this time it was a lovely
day and I time to dilly dally...

 I spent ages poking around in all the different shops.
Didn't try the cafe coz I'd just had breakfast... Next time.
There is a lovely gallery of jewellery and glass...
A gift shop... I succumbed to a bright green silk scarf...
A gallery of paintings and old restored furniture...
I wandered on into a retro clothing shop then
into an amazing place with old bric a brac and household
memorabilia. A real treasure trove and trip down memory lane.
I bought an old 1/4 pint cream bottle and a beautiful little
brass coal shove with a turned oak handle...
Old things just right for my old bus!

This is a wool place... More a classing and
grading place than wool products.

Lots of parking and a great place to spend some hours
pottering and sitting in the sun with lunch or coffee.

Its on SH 1 directly opposite the turnoff to Waikuku
Beach... About 40km north of Christchurch.

Years ago... When I was a child... This place was Donaghy's
Rope factory (I think). We would drive past here on our way to
holidays at Waikuku Beach and there would be flax that
had been combed or teased all hung over the fences to dry
to be made into rope... Different today!

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