Tuesday, 5 August 2014

'What's The Story'... Read Here!

 While I was at Amberley I met Sandy and Maurice Chappell...
And their cheeky little puppy...

 Living in 'What's The Story'... So named because
this 1969 SB3 Bedford bus chassis with a Wallis
purpose built body... In a different life
was an ex Auckland library truck.

 Sandy and Maurice have owed it since 2000...
And being a typical 'Beddie' man Maurice has fiddled
and built and fixed bits and pieces over the years.

 A great name and a great picture on the back...
And there's shelves of books inside.

The thriving little garden.
Sandy and Maurice have lived on the road for
seventeen years in various vehicles... They work their way
 round New Zealand... Currently at a pine seed
 place just down the road.

For Sandy living on the road is all about seeing places
and meeting people and not leaving it till
it's too late... Do it now!
For Maurice living on the road is all about the
freedom and the lifestyle.
The future? Carry On Regardless...

Their favourite areas are Kaiapoi and Blenheim...
And in the North Island Pikiwai and Matata.

Keep a look out for them... Good company, lots of
fun and knowedge... And what does Maurice sell?

 Read about it here...

 Little aluminum containers of 10 tablets of
innovative fuel conditioner... Each tablet treats
60 litres of petrol or diesel...

The come in handy 10, 200 or 60 litre tablets.
The 60 litre tablets are scored so you can break
them easily into halves or quarters to suit
the amount of fuel being added to your tank.

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