Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Be Kind to the Environment... And to Yourself

 Washday comes round with monotonous regularity...
I researched these laundry balls as an alternative to the traditional powder wash and 3 rinses...
Too much water and effort in my house bus.
I found these balls at 'Health Post NZ' - look up their web site.
I looked at others but this was my choice...
Even though it was more expensive at $80.
Biowashball is composed of natural cermaics contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere.
When new it is charged for 2 hours in the sun then for 1 hour every month.
It emitts infrared rays which break the hydrogen molecules of water.
This gives the water high penetration capacity.
It emits negative ions which weaken the adherence of dirt on fabrics.
The Biowashball has a pH of 10, equivalent to chemical detergent.
Compared to 'normal' washing it eliminates pathogenic germs, allergic risks, bacteria, and safeguartds from bleaching and oxidation caused by chlorine in soap powders.
It contributes to well-being, saves money and protects nature.
Can be used in machines or hand washing.
No need to rinse, - so a huge saving on water.
The life span... Take note of this...
3 years if doing 4kg of laundry a day. I hardly do that much a week so it might last longer than me.
Look it up http://www.biowash.co.za/
It is made in Switzerland and won 'Well Tech Award' Italy 2009 for the 'Best Environmental Design Product.
I have had my ball for several months now. I use it for all my clothes laundry.
One thing I have noticed is that my black clothes don't get that faded washed out look.
My linen... Sheets, towels, napkins etc I save up for 6 weeks and take a huge load to the laundrette.

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