Monday, 27 August 2012

What To Have For Dinner?...

In New Zealand we have a franchise of shops called Bin Inn...
I shop at the one in Whangarei often.
These shops have been around for years. They used to stock basic food and cooking ingredients in help yourself bulk bins.
They still do but have vastly improved their range of foodstuffs and specialise in gluten free ingredients and pre-prepared packets and mixes.  They have a good range of nuts and dried fruits, spices and sprouting seeds... A great selection of lollies and are developing a range of Dutch foods.
I lived in Amsterdam for a year so love the  Sauerkraut, Erwtensoep (Pea & Ham soup), the Licorice and Kruid Noten (little spice biscuits)
Every month or so they have a seasonal recipe magazine to give away.
The winter one, pictured above, is full of warming, easy, one-pot meals.

I have been wanting to cook more with lentils - so gave this recipe a try.
It went very thick so added a second tin of tomatoes. I also added some a liberal splash of Fish Sauce, Chilli and a little 'Green Mango Chutney' that I bought at Bin Inn.... It is very hot so a little goes a very long way.
It made a large pan full and fed four people... And was delicious.
I served it over steamed green leek rings and broccoli instead of pasta.
Next time I would put 60-80gr lentils.

The re-cycling in my little sink... This is, of course, where I wash my dishes.
It's tiny but I have got used to it... And it doesn't use too much of my precious water

This is my stove top and gas hobbs where I cook... My little wok and hey presto...

Dinner is ready.

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