Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Last New Cushion... And New Curtains...

Yesterday I got the last of my new cushions...The striped one...
I love it... It reminds me of deck chairs and beach towels.
Also the colours tie all the rest together.
I'm very happy with them all... It was well worth the time and hunt to find the right coloured fabrics.

I shift them around but today I have three on the couch...
Connecting with my yellow orchids.
I have to be careful not to tip anything off the bench
or let water from the dishes run over the edge.

This one I had made for my back when I'm driving. I need it to reach the clutch pedal...
Although I still think I'm developing one leg longer than the other!

These two are on my bed, the two blues seem to suit my quilt colours.
Although they are in different places, my space is so small I can see them all at the same time...
The blend of colours is perfect... Beachy, clean, fresh...

And my new curtains... This is beside my bed and over my tiny 'dressing table' area.
I wanted something soft... This is taffeta, it gathers really finely so could have had them twice as full... But then they would take up too much space when pulled back.
They are light and airy, the light and sun shines through them but they are enough for privacy.
The old ones were a heavier cream cotton with a thermal backing.
These are much nicer... In the mornings when I wake up it's like lying in a light infused cave.

Over the side of my bed... The back window.

And in the bathroom. I had these ones made a little longer. The wind through the open window tended to suck the old ones out. But these being longer, that doesn't happen.
Also they are fuller so create a softer effect.


  1. Gorgeous, you are an inspiration.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Zelda and Rex from the J3 Bedford. your new colours and curtains etc look fantastic. I love the Blue and White, look fresh. We haven't been out in the Bedford for a couple of months, but have seen your bus trotting around a few times.

      I saw a really good idea for a herb garden that would suit a bus. It was a hanging shoe bag that was filled with soil and herbs planted in the pockets. I thought it was a good idea!

      Anyway hope to see you again at Uretiti soon.