Thursday, 31 May 2012

From Sunrise... To Sunset...

I've been parked at one of my favourite places - Uretiti DoC camp - for the last week.
The weather has been varied with sun and some wind, some heavy rain and lighter showers.
Typical Northland end of autumn weather.
Fishing was possible a couple of times when the wind was off shore from the West - but no fish biting our bait.
I've been reading - as my last two blogs have indicated...  Also drinking more water, think I'm nearly up to my 2 litres a day.
It's a lot when I'm not used to it and I feel water logged often - but, I read,  it takes about a month for my body to become properly hydrated - then we will see...
I've also been walking more. I really enjoy walking and especially along the beach. It's right on my doorstep so no excuses.
These photos were yesterday, a heavy overcast day with the sea, sand and sky a symphony of grey then such a surprise in the evening to look out my window at the unexpected sunset.
It was a really nice end to the day.
I'm moving back to Whangarei today.
Outside things getting started on my bus...
So watch for photos of change and progress.
Also in keeping with the 'more exercise' resolution, I am looking at a second hand mountain bike that motor  homers returning to the UK want to sell.
So keep in touch... More things happening!
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